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We are a technologically advanced law firm. RLG has invested in a technologically advanced system platform and protocol to endeavour to ensure that your data remains safe, secure and systematically backed-up. RLG uses cloud-based (i.e., web-based) technology to provide our clients with 24/7 remote access to important documents and materials via a secure website login. We also use a VoIP hosted telephone, fax and video conferencing system, in order to avoid the expense of most long distance, web conferencing and fax charges.

By keeping our work “in the cloud,” we also minimize the use of paper and general office supplies, to better the environment and pass along savings to our clients. One of the advantages of being “in the cloud” is that incoming documents are scanned and stored electronically. This makes document management more efficient and helps avoid expensive duplication costs. This also allows us to collaborate with our clients even when we are away from the office.

RLG uses cutting edge technology systems so that we can more effectively and cost-efficiently serve our clients.

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