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RLG’s Outside General Counsel Program is a legal and business advice program designed for those who like the idea of having an in-house general counsel or staff attorney as a member of their management or their existing legal counsel team, but who don’t have the budget to pay for their salary or benefits or who are interested in the discount rate savings.

RLG’s program provides its clients consultation with an attorney that can help them grow their business and avoid pitfalls along the way. Think of RLG as your virtual general counsel that is only a phone call, email or web-conference away.

Representation may occur in a variety of forms and may include, by way of example only, any combination of telephone consultations, e-mails, document reviews, meetings, or contract reviews or contract modification requests as desired. The representation will be tailored to suit each client’s unique circumstances. Typically, the client is provided with a certain quantity or type of services, based on a stipulated monthly/quarterly flat fee that reflects an attractive discount from RLG’s normal billing rates. If the client’s monthly use exceeds the number of hours agreed upon in the program, the discounted hourly rate applies to any material increment of additional representation. If the client’s monthly use does not exceed the number of hours agreed upon in their program, any shortfall is carried over on a month to month basis. Flexibility to meet the client’s needs and objectives is the key to the arrangement. Payment of the retainer is typically paid, in advance, for the agreed upon quantity or type of services and is placed in a client trust account. Clients receive a monthly statement summarizing the work performed pursuant to the agreement.


If you would like to learn more about our construction law services, please  contact us.

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