RLG understands that many of its clients operate pursuant to strict budgets. RLG’s goal is to allow your business to financially plan for your legal services in a manner that avoids the worry of unanticipated legal bills at the end of every month. Whether you are a public entity, a successful corporation, a start-up business, or an individual, we believe your interests are best served by having predictable costs whenever possible. RLG’s goal is to help tailor a billing solution to meet each client’s individual needs. Through flat fee à la carte tasks, affordable monthly retainer programs, project-based fees, fixed-fee or capped-fee arrangements, RLG is able to offer our its clients a multitude of options that best fit their budgets and cash flow.

RLG’s solutions-focused approach emphasizes quality over quantity. When clients are billed based on an hourly rate, they are billed for every hour that the attorney spends reviewing a contract and proposing alternative language. For example, if an attorney with a $300 per hour billable rate spends 10 hours working on your contract and your service engagement contemplates invoices based on a “billable hour,” you will receive an invoice for $3,000. In contrast, a solutions-focused billing arrangement might establish a flat– or capped-fee of $2,500 for the same contract review service and you will receive an invoice for $2,500 even if the attorney ends-up spending more time on the matter than estimated.

RLG is committed to offering its clients solutions-focused billing arrangements as an alternative to the traditional method of billing clients based on an hourly rate.


RLG’s goal is to provide legal services in a manner that is more predictable and affordable for its clients. RLG offers potential clients a no cost initial half-hour consultation. Let's meet to discuss how RLG can help.​

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