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RLG's first goal is to provide all clients with economically feasible access to legal advice that will help them preserve their assets against unnecessary risk.  RLG's second goal is to provide its clients with a legal competitive advantage for their business or organization through industry focused legal services that are also reasonably priced.  RLG demonstrates its commitment to these goals in many ways.  

To begin, RLG’s founding member spent over ten years of her career working for a large law firm and she is able to offer the same level of service to you at an hourly rate that is significantly less than a similarly qualified attorney at a large or mid-size law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. Further, in addition to providing services based on a traditional “billable hour” approach, RLG also offers Solutions-Focused Billing Arrangements and a reduced cost Outside Construction Law Counsel monthly retainer program that can be tailored to suit your unique circumstances. RLG offers these approaches for the sole purpose of providing clients various options to access legal services at predictable and affordable costs.

Last, RLG has wisely invested in technology and office space amenities that are equivalent to, or even exceed, those available at other law firms offering construction law services -- but at a fraction of the total overhead cost. RLG's prudent investments result in considerable cost savings to its clients.

Whether you work on large complex commercial projects or smaller home improvement projects and regardless of whether your business is a large publicly traded corporation or a small start-up organization, you are entitled to legal services that won't destroy your budget.


“Unfortunately, the uncertain expense of legal advice often discourages people from calling a lawyer until it is too late.  We can help you avoid or minimize your future or current risks of exposure.  We also offer potential clients a no cost initial half-hour consultation.  So what are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Theresa Ringle, CEO Ringle Law Group, LLC

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